Feuer, Gary C.; Naval Air Development Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      The Department of Defense (DOD) is establishing a Navy operated magnetic media RDT&E facility at the Naval Air Development Center (NAVAIRDEVCEN) in Warminster, PA. The facility will support all present and future DOD data storage requirements by characterizing new media, generating technical specifications, developing modern test hardware and by conducting both qualification and acceptance testing for these media. The findings will support consolidated tri-service procurement activities, recently assigned to the Defense Electronics Supply Center (DESC) in Dayton, OH. The technical specifications for analog instrumentation tape (W-T-001553) and tape reels and hubs (W-R-175) have been updated and revised. A computerized testing system to measure electrical performance parameters has been developed and includes a modular system for multi-channel drop-out testing. New techniques for measurement of critical physical parameters are being investigated. Several state-of-the-art techniques for media characterization have also been developed. A characterization of both normal and high coercivity instrumentation tape for high density digital data applications has been conducted. Testing criteria and hardware are under development to support near term specification and consolidated procurement of this commodity.