Ham, Christopher V.; New Mexico State University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      This paper describes a system utilizing off-the-shelf microprocessor hardware to perform complex high-speed telemetry data preprocessing. The microprocessor equipment involves the latest in the Motorola computer series, namely the 68020 line. The author develops the specifications leading to the need of this type of preprocessor which is currently being developed under a contract to the McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company. The paper fully describes the configuration of the hardware as well as the software available on the system. Detailed benchmarks of complex algorithms and other data manipulations are described. Test results relating parameter capacity and throughput are addressed. System architecture is described with the various trade-off analyses well defined. This system advances the art of preprocessing telemetry parameters requiring such functions as wild pointing, phase alignment concatenation, and derivations, all at rates in the megaword input.