RAJYALAKSHMI, P. S.; RAJANGAM, R. K.; ISRO SATELLITE CENTRE (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      In Aerospace missions it is often required to have a flexible telemetry system for carrying out flight test on aircraft, in which the bit rate, sampling rate and the number of channels can be programmed. This enables the pilot of the aircraft to reconfigure the telemetry system to suit any particular test missions. An L-Band PCM/FM Telemetry System containing a Stored Programme Multiplexer, 12 bit ADC and other digital interfaces for carrying out the measurements on Speed, Events, etc has been developed as a flight instrumentation telemetry for HAL, India. This paper not only presents complete details of the system, which was qualified to meet MIL-5422 levels but also the performance of the system during actual aircraft missions.