Russell, William P.; Naval Air Test Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      An integrated 1553 Data Bus Monitor (DBM) System has been developed at the Naval Air Test Center. The system is capable of monitoring six 1553A or B channels and provides, in separate PCM streams, selected parameter data and all message traffic on the data bus (thruput). Thruput data can be split to two tape tracks per channel for bandwidth conservation. Selected parameter formats can be entered at the flight line with a hand-held programmer which communicates to the DBM via an RS-232 interface. PCM outputs are available for telemetry as well as for on-board recording. Analog and discrete data is incorporated in the system with A/D inputs, parallel inputs, or serial entry of PCM data from a remote PCM system. A 1553 remote terminal provides data to the F-18 mission computer. Existing systems are being used on AMRAAM Development in the F-18 and in follow-on F-18 development at the Naval Air Test Center.