Smith, Kevin; Windingland, Kim L.; General Dynamics Convair Division; Loral Instrumentation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      Due to the increasing complexity of systems on which telemetry is used, the method of embedding a data stream within the main PCM data stream is becoming a popular means of acquiring subsystem data. However, this technique increases the complexity of the decommutating requirement in that the embedded stream must first be extracted from the main stream and then decommutated. One obvious solution would be to re-serialize the extracted data stream to be decommutated by a second set of frame and subframe synchronizers. This method suffers from increased system cost due to the additional hardware needed solely to support the embedded data stream. This paper will address an alternate method developed by Loral Instrumentation and an actual application at General Dynamics, Convair Division. This technique decommutates asynchronous embedded data streams via standard algorithms in a data compressor.