Zartman, David L.; The Ohio State University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      The four major management problems in female farm animals are identification, breeding timeliness, health monitoring and notice of parturition (delivery of young). Each of these has been solved with a single temperature-sensitive device placed in the vagina nonsurgically with a nylon anchor. Remote sensing of deep-body (core) temperature in female livestock is a major breakthrough in husbandry of farm animals and important zoo animals. Development of a patented, vaginal radio implant has enabled the remote sensing and automated processing of animal temperature data for females. A natural component of the system is automated identification of each female wearing a transmitter. The methodology of collecting and interpreting deep-body temperature depends upon using each female as her own basis of comparison. A temperature deviation of greater than 0.4* C relative to the average of the previous five day’s temperatures taken at approximately the same time of day indicates a significant physiological event. Ultimately, the optimum configuration of this system will invoke the creation of artificial intelligence or, at least, an expert system.