• An Expert System for Satellite Control

      Pazzani, Michael; Brindle, Anne; The Aerospace Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1985-10)
      As on-board satellite systems develop increased sophistication and autonomous capabilities, failures become fewer, but the diagnosis of the remaining failures becomes more complex. In addition, autonomy requirements for space vehicles are being issued along with requirements for reduced staffing of ground stations. Thus successful groundbased fault handling in the future will require greatly increased automation of fault detection and diagnosis. This paper investigates the use of an expert system as a ground system component for diagnosis. The diagnostic cycle of the system is presented, along with requirements for its knowledge base. The results of implementing the design to diagnose part of a satellite attitude control system are given. Knowledge acquisition for this problem centered on the generation and analysis of terminal displays of telemetry which look much like strip charts. Correct diagnosis by the expert system derived from the use of extensive telemetry analysis, operations and satellite status databases, and satellite modeling.