Brown, Thomas R. Jr; Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      The Department of Defense (DoD), through a Tri-Service Program Office, is developing the Common Airborne Instrumentation System (CAIS) to promote standardization, commonality, and interoperability among aircraft test instrumentation systems. The advent of CAIS will change how the DoD test community conducts business. The CAIS program will allow aircraft test and evaluation facilities to utilize common airborne systems, ground support equipment, and technical knowledge for airborne instrumentation systems. During the development of the CAIS, the Program Office will conduct a broad spectrum of tests: engineering design, acceptance, environmental qualification, system demonstration, and flight qualification. Each of these tests addresses specific aspects of the overall functional requirements and specifications. The use of test matrices enables the program office to insure each specific test covers the optimum requirements, and the combination of all testing efforts addresses the total system functional requirements.