• High Data Rate X-Band Communications Subsystem

      Dapore, Mark; Cincinnati Electronics (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      A Communication Subsystem has been developed capable of 25 Megasymbol per Second (MSPS) data rates. The unit operates in the 8300 to 8400 MHz band and uses shaped QPSK for excellent spectral containment properties. The Communication Subsystem (CSS) has a number of features which make it attractive for many applications: (1) Data is convolutionally encoded inside the transmitter resulting in excellent link performance without using external hardware. (2) Data is encrypted inside the transmitter. The DES standard is currently implemented, however, military encryption is an option which requires minimal changes in the CSS design. (3) Frame Synchronization Sequences and Block Identification Numbers are inserted into the data by the CSS. (4) Cyclic Redundancy Checked Codes for each data block are generated within the CSS. (5) Health and Status of the CSS is formatted into digital words. (6) Mode Control, Key Maintenance, and Health and Status Reporting is easily handled through an RS-422 interface. (7) The CSS is ruggedized for launch environments and is highly reliable for space applications.