• Incorporation of Micro-Machined Sensor Technology for Increased Accuracy at Reduced Cost

      Cook, F. Paul; Aydin Vector Division (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      Benefiting from the Automotive world, Micro-Machined Sensor Technology moves into the Military arena with greater accuracy at a reduced price tag. Advances in Micro-Machining have produced silicone cantilever beam Sensors which meet or exceed some Military environmental specifications while providing a higher overall accuracy, compared to traditional cantilever beam designs. There are several companies such as Motorola, Analog Devices, Sensym, Silicone Designs, and NovaSensor to name a few who have established product lines in Accelerometers and Pressure Transducers. This paper describes an experience utilizing micro-technology Accelerometers which were designed to replace older technology sensors.