• Developing Communication and Data Systems for Space Station Facility Class Payloads

      Hazra, Tushar K.; Sun, Charles; Mian, Arshad M.; Picinich, Louis M.; NASA (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      The driving force in modern space mission control has been directed towards developing cost effective and reliable communication and data systems. The objective is to maintain and ensure error-free payload commanding and data acquisition as well as efficient processing of the payload data for concurrent, real time and future use. While Mainframe computing still comprises a majority of commercially available communication and data systems, a significant diversion can be noticed towards utilizing a distributed network of workstations and commercially available software and hardware. This motivation reflects advances in modem computer technology and the trend in space mission control today and in the future. The development of communication and data involves the implementation of distributed and parallel processing concepts in a network of highly powerful client server environments. This paper addresses major issues related to developing and integrating communication and data system and the significance for future developments.