Cullen J. M.; Keller, Ed; Eglin Air Force Base (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      The Instrumentation Technology Branch of Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate (WL/MNSI), has successfully completed an Exploratory Development (6.2) program to develop Subminiature Telemetry (SMT). SMT is a flexible, programmable telemeter with self calibration, power control and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum modulation. The development program successfully demonstrated the ability of the SMT system to collect up to 64 analog and/or 128 digital discrete signals with programmable gain, bandwidth and offset. The program demonstrated a spread spectrum multiple-access technique that allows for simultaneous transmission and receipt of up to 96 different telemetry units within a 100 MHz telemetry band. WL/MNSI is conducting an Advanced Technology Development (6.3) program to continue development in this area. An air-worthy 4 channel spread spectrum demodulator was developed to support the SMT program but it is too costly for ground applications. The goals of this effort are to reduce the demodulator cost by a factor of 10 while increasing the capability for simultaneously processing data from 24 telemetry units and to support the first Technology Transition Plan (TTP) between WL/MN and the Air Force Development Test Center (AFDTC). The TTP will facilitate the transition of SMT spread spectrum technology to AFDTC for mission support over the next three years.