• CCSDS in the Loral 550

      Sutton, Jerry; Taylor, Larry; Loral Test & Information System (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      The Consultative Committee on Space Data Systems (CCSDS) did not create a specification like the IRIG 106, but rather a recommendation [1-4]. That means that each country, community, and application is free to select subsets, adapt techniques, and even alter the structure to suit particular needs. This variability places new demands on a decommutation system. The implementation of the CCSDS Recommendation in the Loral 550 accommodates this "variability within a structure" by using a modular and adaptable collection of structured components. The result covers the two most popular versions of CCSDS: Conventional/Telecommand and the Advanced Orbital Systems (AOS) in both operational and test modes, and couples the CCSDS inputs and outputs to a host of other data format and processing options.