Augustin, E. P.; Dunn, D. S.; Posada, J. F.; Sullivan, A.; Technical Systems Associates, Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      This paper describes a novel Radiating Antenna Digital Pattern Analysis Test system (RADPAT). The RADPAT system consists of a portable computer and a compact electronic module (EM) that interfaces to the antenna under test . The EM has standardized inputs and outputs that make it easy to adapt to any antenna or antenna system. In addition to functioning as a standard radiation pattern recorder, the RADPAT system can record conically scanning (CONSCAN), single channel monopulse, or sequential lobing patterns with only one sweep per axis . Since the radiation pattern is recorded digitally, it can automatically extract actual system data such as the error slope, crosstalk, 3 or 10 dB beamwidths, sidelobe levels, boresight shift, etc.. The briefcase size RADPAT system is portable, weighing only 18 lbs (8 kg). This can be a significant advantage for either verification of system parameters or for troubleshooting a component or system problem . Thus, the RADPAT system combined with a standard pattern receiver or a telemetry receiver can provide instantaneous, on-site evaluation of the radiation characteristics of an installed antenna system.