• A Multi-Pulse PPK Telemetry System Based on PC

      Jian, Zhang; Ming-Sheng, Huang; Xinan Electronic Engineering Institute (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1995-11)
      A new kind of telemetry ground data system--Multi-Pulse PPK (Pulse Position Keying) Telemetry System Based on PC(MPPK-PCTS) is presented in this paper. Being Aimed at the lower bit rate which is the essential shortcoming of Single-Pulse PPK(SPPK), Multi-Pulse PPK(MPPK) signal is introduced to this system. Its signal forms, bit rate, energy efficiency and error probability have been analysed in detail. The symmetric Bi-Pulse PPK(BPPK) signal with fixed reference pulse can be practised in engineering. In this system, front-ends are intelligent and modular, all modules are integrated in a personal computer chassis through EISA/PCI bus. The system operates under multi-media WINDOWS environment, with intelligent user interface. Faults can be detected and located automatically. With flexible performance, good expandibility and small size, the system can be used in reentry telemetry and many other fields where higher rate and lower power are both required.