• 3-D Ray-Tracing Simulations for 5.7GHz RF Indoor Position Location System

      Kosbar, Kurt; Annamraju, Venu; Burns, Thomas; University of Missouri-Rolla (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2002-10)
      The objective of the project is to continuously track a handheld device in an office, with centimeter accuracy in the three dimensions. A 3-D ray-tracing algorithm has been developed to simulate the impulse response of the indoor channel. The algorithm can evaluate the impulse response at multiple receiver locations. Non-linear optimization has been used to eliminate the need for multiple runs of simulation. The optimization program also significantly reduces the number of rays launched. The algorithm incorporates bandwidth effects on multipath resolution of the system.
    • Performance of a Bluetooth Based Structural Health Monitoring Telemetry Network

      Kosbar, Kurt; Uchil, Vilas; University of Missouri (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2002-10)
      The Bluetooth standard is intended to provide short-range (10-100 meter) wireless connectivity between mobile and desktop devices. It was developed as a replacement for short cables, and has the ability to form ad-hoc networks. A large inter-connection of piconets can be arranged to form a scatternet for data collection in a Bluetooth based structural health monitoring Telemetry network. The Bluetooth protocol architecture supports the formation of a daisy chain network. However Bluetooth technology was not intended for long daisy chain networks. In this work, we propose to evaluate the throughput and latency for data transmission in a long daisy chained Bluetooth based telemetry network.