Berard, Alfredo J.; Chalfant, Tim; Lloyd, Joe; Small, Marty; Buckley, Mark; Bagó, Balázs; Lockard, Michael; Eglin Air Force Base; Edwards Air Force Base; Navair; et al. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2002-10)
      For the last 30 years Magnetic Tape Systems have been the primary means of recording data from airborne instrumentation systems. Increasing data rates and harsh environmental requirements have often exceeded the ability of tape-based systems to keep pace with platform technology. This paper examines operational and data reduction benefits when employing the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Solid State Recorder Standard introduced by the Range Commanders Council (RCC) Telemetry Group (TG). The Standard and this paper address media formatting, data formatting for a variety of different data types, data downloading, and data security, along with serial command and control and discrete command and control of the recorder. This paper also addresses software data processing and raw data reconstruction of Chapter 10 data.