• Integrating a Limiter/Filter/Amplifier into a Conformal Wraparound GPS/TM Antenna Substrate

      Ryken, Marv; Davis, Rick; Kujiraoka, Scott; NAVAIR (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2004-10)
      Missile instrumentation systems designers are constantly striving to achieve better performance out of their systems. Optimizing the antenna coverage and decreasing the noise figure are constantly strived for in order to improve system performance. At the same time, weapon systems are becoming smaller with the resulting reduced area for instrumentation. One way to achieve a lower system noise figure is to have the limiter, filter, and amplifier (LFA) located as close to the antenna as possible. This can be achieved by integrating the LFA into the substrate of a conformal wraparound antenna. Not only does this decrease the system noise, but it also saves space in an already crowded missile instrumentation section. This paper details the latest efforts in accomplishing this integration.