• Automation of Generalized Measurement Extraction from Telemetric Network Systems

      Seegmiller, Ray D.; Willden, Greg C.; Araujo, Maria S.; Newton, Todd A.; Abbott, Ben A.; Malatesta, William A.; Southwest Research Institute; Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      In telemetric network systems, data extraction is often an after-thought. The data description frequently changes throughout the program so that last minute modifications of the data extraction approach are often required. This paper presents an alternative approach in which automation of measurement extraction is supported. The central key is a formal declarative language that can be used to configure instrumentation devices as well as measurement extraction devices. The Metadata Description Language (MDL) defined by the integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) program, augmented with a generalized measurement extraction approach, addresses this issue. This paper describes the TmNS Data Extractor Tool, as well as lessons learned from commercial systems, the iNET program and TMATS.
    • Control and Status of Telemetric Network Systems

      Araujo, Maria S.; Newton, Todd A.; Samiadji-Benthin, Christopher S.; Seegmiller, Ray D.; Moodie, Myron L.; Abbott, Ben A.; Grace, Thomas B.; Malatesta, William A.; Southwest Research Institute; Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      Network-based telemetry systems have unprecedented amounts of flexibility due to the ability to manipulate configuration during a test. As a result of this flexibility, multiple tests can be conducted in a single flight; all it takes is reconfiguration of instrumentation. However, configuration of devices can be a complex task, and dynamic configuration can be even more daunting. As such, device configuration, control, and status must be managed in a coordinated fashion. A system manager implementation that performs coordinated status and control of instrumentation in the Test Article as well as test configuration authoring is presented in this paper, the Ground Test Article Manager (GTAM), which is being developed by the integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) program.
    • PCM vs. Networking: Spectral Efficiency Wars - A Pragmatic View

      Araujo, Maria S.; Abbott, Ben A.; Southwest Research Institute (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      The expected efficiency of network-based telemetry systems vs. the tried and true PCM-based approaches is a debated topic. This paper chooses to use a lighthearted voice to pull the two sides of the "war" to a table of negotiation based on metrics. Ultimately, focusing on metrics that truly define efficiency is the key to understanding the varying points of view. A table of these metrics along with the "why and when" criteria for their use is presented based on historic mathematical information theory, true flight test data requirements, and lab analysis. With these metrics, the negotiation and reasonable compromises in the war may become clear. In other words, this paper attempts to provide a methodology that can be used by the community to aid in choosing the appropriate (or good enough) technologies for current and future telemetry testing demands.