• Standardization of the Instrumentation Hardware Abstraction Language in IRIG 106

      Hamilton, John; Fernandes, Ronald; Darr, Timothy; Jones, Charles H.; Faulstich, Ray; Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.; Edwards Air Force Base; CSC Range and Engineering Services (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      Previously, we have presented an approach to achieving standards-based multi-vendor hardware configuration using the Instrumentation Hardware Abstraction Language (IHAL) and an associated Application Programming Interface (API) specification. In this paper we describe the current status of the IHAL standard. Since the first introduction of IHAL at ITC 2006, the language has undergone a number of additions and improvements. Currently, IHAL is nearing the end of a 2-year standardization task with the Range Commanders Council Telemetry Group (RCC TG). This paper describes the standardization process in addition to providing an overview of the current state of IHAL. The standard consists of two key components: (1) the IHAL language, and (2), the IHAL API specification.