• NASA Remote Imaging System Acquisition (RISA) Multispectral Imager Development Updates

      Grubbs, Elmer; Marcellin, Michael W.; Martin, Samuel; Mayer, Jackeline; Owan, Parker; Stephens, Kyle; Suring, Lee; University of Arizona (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      The NASA Remote Imaging System Acquisition (RISA) project is a prototype camera intended to be used by future NASA astronauts. NASA has commissioned the development of this engineering camera to support new mission objectives and perform multiple functions. These objectives require the final prototype to be radiation hardened, multispectral, completely wireless in data transmission and communication, and take high quality still images. This year's team was able to successfully develop an optical system that uses a liquid lens element for focus adjustment. The electrical system uses an Overo Fire computer-on-module (COM) developed by Gumstix. The OMAP processor onboard handles all communication with a monochromatic CMOS sensor, liquid lens control circuitry, pixel data acquisition and processing, and wireless communication with a host computer.