• Multi-Band (L/S/C) Nested Concentric Cavity Coaxial Mode RF Feed for Autotrack Telemetry Systems - Part II: Implementation

      Myers, Robert; Hoory, Yossi; Krepner, Itzik; Nahshon, Ofir; Pein, Joe; Voin, Miron; NAVAIR Atlantis Test Range; ORBIT Communications System (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      This is the continuation of a paper given at ITC 2010 regarding the design, development, production and testing of a novel Tri-Band auto-tracking / receive / transmit feed technology combining dual polarization with multiple frequency band coverage (L/S/C) into a single feed that can be fitted onto new or existing antenna systems. This technology reduces footprint and minimizes life cycle cost, both of which are important considerations for both commercial and military communities. This multiband feed design consists of coaxial, concentric waveguide cavities operating in TE11 and TE21 modes (Patent Pending). This paper specifically addresses the manufacture, integration, acceptance testing, installation and use of two 10-Foot / 3.0-Meter Tri-band Telemetry Tracking Systems installed and operated at Patuxent River NAS, Maryland under the auspices of NAVAIR Atlantic Test Range, Telemetry Systems Branch. What is described herein is the final configuration as delivered, antenna test range results, on-site results, and lessons-learned during the development and implementation phases. Charts and tables are presented to assist with clarification of relevant data for the reader.