• Channel Modeling Based on Bidirectional Analytic Ray Tracing and Radiative Transfer (RT²)

      Xu, Feng; Hue, Yik-Kiong; Ponnaluri, Satya P.; Intelligent Automation Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      The extremely large electrical-size and complexity of terrain scene poses great challenge in channel modeling of aeronautic telemetry. It becomes even more difficult if severe multipath and fading present due to scattering and attenuation of ground, terrain objects and precipitation [Rice, 2004]. This is critical in more sophisticated test scenarios involving low flying unmanned air vehicles and helicopters tested over water at high sea states, in hilly terrain, or even over urban environment. Conventional ray tracing and simple Fresnel reflection are not sufficient to characterize such complex channels. Hence, the novel bidirectional analytic ray tracing and radiative transfer (RT²) is proposed for advanced telemetry channel modeling.