• Video Tracking System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

      Allen, Chris; Lee, Matthew; Lierz, Daniel; Younger, Jerome; University of Kansas (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      Surveillance and tracking using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a growing field and to visually track an object independent of a flight path requires a video transmission and control system. Applications utilizing UAVs to track a stationary or moving target are plentiful, from military to local law enforcement; every application introduces an alternative to placing a human into an aircraft and increases the usefulness over a fixed position recorded video. Here we have introduced a cost effective video tracking system that will provide a constant video transmission, manual control for tracking, and further implement an automatic control system to automatically correct for the UAV's roll and yaw. The video tracking system has been designed to be cost friendly while constrained to be applicable for small UAV applications. We have detailed the successful design of our system that overcomes the imposed constraints in great detail in the sections that follow.