• A Novel Zigzag Scanning Concept for H.264/AVC

      Hyun, Myung Han; Yu, Jae Taeg; Lee, Sang Bum; Agency for Defense Development (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2012-10)
      In this paper, a novel zigzag scanning concept of quantized coefficients for H.264/AVC is introduced. In order to scan the quantized coefficients efficiently, the statistical occurrence values of the quantized coefficients after the final mode decision are utilized. We develop a zigzag scanning pattern by reordering the statistical occurrence values in descending order. In addition, we consider the temporal and spatial correlation among the frames to classify the zigzag scanning pattern. In particular, we focus on the macroblock level zigzag scanning so that the proposed method will have the different zigzag scanning pattern based on the macroblock. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme reduces the total bits up to 4.05% and 3.67% while introducing either negligible loss of video quality for intra- and inter mode, respectively.