• A Wideband Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna for Telemetry Applications

      Nithianandam, Jeyasingh; Hategekimana, Bayezi; Morgan State University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2010-10)
      This research article reports a design of a wide band multilayer microstrip patch antenna (MSPA). Positions of a coaxial probe feed to main patch of the multilayer MSPA, widths and lengths of main and parasitic patches, and height of a Rohacell foam layer in the multilayer MSPA were optimized to achieve desired performance in L-band. The work also reports a design of a two-by-two array of multilayer MSPA. We present results on antenna radiation patterns and return loss obtained with full wave finite element simulations with Ansoft HFSS software and measurements with a vector network analyzer.