• PAM-Based Timing Synchronization for ARTM Modulations

      Perrins, Erik; Bose, Sayak; Wylie-Green, Marilynn P.; University of Kansas; Nokie Siemens Networks (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      A reduced-complexity decision-directed timing recovery method for continuous phase modulation (CPM) is presented. The timing recovery method is based on the pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) representation - or Laurent representation - of CPM, and is applied to the family of three telemetry modulations: PCM/FM, SOQPSKTG, and ARTM CPM. This work is the next step in an ongoing effort to develop reduced-complexity PAM-based receiver methods for aeronautical telemetry. We quantify the steady-state tracking accuracy of the proposed timing recovery method and show that it performs very close to the theoretical limit given by the modified Cramer-Rao bound (MCRB).We also demonstrate that the proposed method is free of false-lock points for all three modulations.
    • Telemetry System for a Remote Ecological Field Station

      Perrins, Erik; Kumaraswamy, Balachandra; Bose, Sayak; University of Kansas (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      We present the system-level design of a data transfer link for a remote ecological field station. We include the desired attributes of this link, a number of candidate solutions, and the details of the system that was selected for implementation. We also discuss some simple measurements that help determine the effect of emerging foliage on the quality of the link. Overall, the link is more than capable of meeting the data transfer needs of the ecological research application.