• A Cost Effective Residential Telemetry Network

      Kosbar, Kurt; Byland, Sean; Clarke, Craig; Gegg, Matt; Schumacher, Ryan; Strehl, Chris; Missouri University of Science and Technology (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      As cost and power consumption of wireless devices decreases, it becomes increasingly practical to use wireless communications and control in residential settings. These networks share some of the same challenges and constraints as conventional telemetry networks. This particular project focused on using a commercial, off-the-shelf router to implement a residential automation system using Z-Wave wireless devices. The router can communicate status, and accept commands over a conventional 802.11 network, but does not require a remote host to operate the network. The router was reprogrammed using open source software, so it could issue commands, collect data, and monitor the Z-Wave network.