• IP-Based Networking as Part of the Design of a Payload Control System

      Horan, Stephen; Aaronscooke, Ryan; Jaramillo, Daniel; New Mexico State University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      As part of a project to develop small satellites, we have developed a combined ground station and flight computer that use IP-based networking for the command and telemetry data communications. The network uses a private IP network between the payload and the ground-station. Commands are sent to the payload as UDP short message packets. Status and real-time telemetry are sent as UDP text strings. Production data are sent as files using a ftp-type of data exchange. Production data types include numeric data (sensor data) and JPEG-formatted picture data (full pictures and thumbnails). Details of the software used, challenges of making the system work over a low-quality radio link, and integration with the operating system will be discussed.