• Using the Ground Equipment Monitoring Service (GEMS) for Satellite Telemetry & Command Systems

      Andzik, Rob; RT Logic Incorporated (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      As satellite ground systems migrate toward network-centric, distributed architectures, controlling remote ground equipment becomes a central issue. While many protocols and approaches exist that address remote control and status, there is little agreement on a common solution. Device vendors and system integrators commonly find themselves integrating multiple protocols to meet a wide range of requirements. Technologies change and new protocols evolve that result in yet more options to be considered. However, the fundamental aspects of device control remain constant. The Ground Equipment Monitoring Service (GEMS) seeks to define a standard model for device control independent of the underlying protocols and technologies. Using this approach, a wide range of protocols can be mapped to the GEMS model. Systems using different protocols can then rely on the common mapping and utilize translators to connect heterogeneous components with little integration costs. This paper describes the state of the specification and potential uses of the GEMS specification in Satellite Ground Systems. Interactions between the GEMS specification and other standards such as the CCSDS SLE Complex Management services are also presented.