• Utilization of an IEEE 1588 Timing Reference Source in the iNET RF Transceiver

      Lu, Cheng; Roach, John; Sasvari, George; Teletronics Technology Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      Synchronization of the iNET communication link is essential for implementing the TDMA channel access control functions within the transceiver MAC transport layer, and providing coherent signal demodulation timing at the transceiver PHY layer. In the following implementation, the 1588 timing reference source is the GPS receiver. Because it is being used in the Ground Station Segment and Test Article Segment, it becomes feasible to utilize the 1588 timing reference for cross-layer (MAC+PHY) iNET transceiver synchronization. In this paper, we propose an unified iNET transceiver synchronization architecture to improve iNET transceiver performance. The results of the synchronization performance analysis are given.