• Antenna Array Beamforming Technology: Enabling Superior Aeronautical Communication Link Performance

      Lu, Cheng Y.; Zhang, Yimin; Wu, Jinsong; Cook, Paul; Li, Xin; Amin, Moeness; Teletronics Technology Inc.; Villanova University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      In this paper, we propose the exploitation of array beamforming technology in high-speed aeronautical communication applications, e.g., the integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) system. By flexible steering of beams and nulls, an array can enhance desired signals whereas the undesired signals such as interference and jammers are suppressed. The proposed adaptive beamforming technology is DSP-based and network-aware, and is designed for the use at aerial vehicle platforms to increase transmission power efficiency, improve receiving signal sensitivity, mitigate interference/multipath effects, and extend the communication range.