• Sanitization of IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Storage Media

      Berard, Alfredo; Cogan, Catherine; Klein, Lorin; Massey, Heath; Williams, Rick; Eglin Air Force Base (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      For the last 30-years, magnetic tape systems have served as the primary means of recording data from airborne instrumentation systems. The IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Digital Recording standard [1] introduced and developed by the Range Commanders Council (RCC) Telemetry Group (TG) has served as a common ground for industry to develop technology for replacing those tape-based recording systems with digital systems and recording data onto Solid State Devices. Data assurance and validation has been paramount in the development. This paper examines the challenge of sanitizing and downgrading media that is Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and is utilized by test organization in the operational communities as well as the Major Range Test Facility Base (MRTFB) and other test ranges.