• Designing an Object-Oriented Data Processing Network

      Yang, Hsueh-szu; Sadia, Nathan; Kupferschmidt, Benjamin; Teletronics Technology Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      There are many challenging aspects to processing data from a modern high-performance data acquisition system. The sheer diversity of data formats and protocols makes it very difficult to create a data processing application that can properly decode and display all types of data. Many different tools need to be harnessed to process and display all types of data. Each type of data needs to be displayed on the correct type of display. In particular, it is very hard to synchronize the display of different types of data. This tends to be an error prone, complex and very time-consuming process. This paper discusses a solution to the problem of decoding and displaying many different types of data in the same system. This solution is based on the concept of a linked network of data processing nodes. Each node performs a particular task in the data decoding and/or analysis process. By chaining these nodes together in the proper sequence, we can define a complex decoder from a set of simple building blocks. This greatly increases the flexibility of the data visualization system while allowing for extensive code reuse.
    • Networked Data Acquisition Systems for the Army FCS Program

      Pesciotta, Eric; Roach, John; Sadia, Nathan; Yang, Hsueh-szu; Teletronics Technology Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2008-10)
      Teletronics Technology Corp. has been involved in the research and development of networked data acquisition systems for use in airborne instrumentation for several years. Recently, TTC successfully applied the advanced technology that was developed during these airborne efforts to a terrestrial application involving Army ground vehicles. The Future Combat Systems Program (FCS) for the U.S. Army recently solicited a networked-based solution to the problem of acquiring real-time data specific to the training of soldiers operating visual targeting systems within Bradley Armored Vehicles and Abrams Battle Tanks. This paper describes the High-Speed Digital Recording system, a network-based data acquisition system designed to allow for the recording of high-resolution (up to 1600x1280) RGB video, user-selected Ethernet packets, along with audio and GPS time information.