Franz, Russell; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2007-10)
      An increasing number of flight research and airborne science experiments now contain network-ready systems that could benefit from a high-rate bidirectional air-to-ground network link. A prototype system, the High-Rate Wireless Airborne Network Demonstration, was developed from commercial off-the-shelf components while leveraging the existing telemetry infrastructure on the Western Aeronautical Test Range. This approach resulted in a cost-effective, long-range, line-of-sight network link over the S and the L frequency bands using both frequency modulation and shaped-offset quadrature phase-shift keying modulation. This paper discusses system configuration and the flight test results.
    • Network Design Considerations in Telemetry Systems

      Grebe, Andy; Klein, Wayne; Apogee Labs, Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2007-10)
      In today’s world, computer networking has become common place both in industry as well as home, however all networks are not the same! The Telemetry world, like with many industries, has critical design considerations that need to be evaluated when you begin a new system or just adding on to a current infrastructure. This paper is intended to outline needed considerations when planning or implementing a network design in Telemetry Systems. These applications can range from sensor data transport through High Definition/High Speed Video applications.