Posey, Chlotia; Air Armament Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2000-10)
      The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) developed by the Software Engineering Institute is widely promoted as a method to help decrease the volume of error riddled and late software projects. Because of the projected benefits, the 96th Communications Group/SC (SC) at Eglin Air Force Base began an intensive software process improvement effort in late 1997. This effort was rewarded in September 1999 when the group achieved a CMM Level 2 software rating on its first attempt. As of December 1999, 68% of assessed organizations remained at Level 1 on their first or second assessment. The SC success was not only obtained on its first attempt, but also 11 months ahead of the industry standard. The Level 2 rating was accomplished in the volatile environment needed to support the test and evaluation mission. This environment includes frequent requirement changes, short notice modifications, and externally driven schedules. One reason this milestone was possible is close and direct involvement by management. This paper will present additional factors to implementing a successful software process improvement effort.