Leichner, Ted; Nicolo, Stephen J.; Snyder, Ed; Stacy, Mark; Ziegler, Charles; GDP Space Systems (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2000-10)
      This paper describes a PC-based Advanced Telemetry Processing and Display System (ATPDS)- a highend, real-time telemetry processing and display system implemented on a COTS PC platform. for A network-centric architecture was chosen from candidate architectures as the most viable for the ATPDS. The network-centric architecture is Windows NT-based, client/server based, supporting clients and servers on both local or remote PC workstations. The architecture supports distributing processing loads across multiple workstations, optimizing mission processing requirements. The advantage of this system is its flexibility and expandability with low acquisition and life-cycle support costs. The ATPDS allows the user to configure one or more small systems into a larger high-end system based on varying mission requirements.