Chun, Yang; Hongling, Yang; Jie, Zhou; Xinan Electronic Engineering Institute (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2000-10)
      Owing to rapid development of PC industry, personal computer has been surprisingly improved on reliability and speed and it has been applied to many fields, such as aerospace, satellite and telemetry applications. As we all known, two aspects decide how fast the PC-based data acquisition can be reached. One aspect is CPU processing and the other is I/O bandwidth. Indeed, the first aspect has changed increasingly insignificant because the frequency of CPU has exceeded 700MHz which can satisfy fully the need of high rate data processing. So I/O bandwidth is the only key factor of the high rate PC-based data acquisition and we must adopt efficient data buffer techniques to satisfy the demand of telemetry data entry. This paper presents a buffered data channel which use memory mapping, EPLD and Dual-Port SRAM techniques. The operation platform of this design is WINDOWS95/98 and the software includes device driver and real-time processing routines.