• Auto-tracking antenna pattern effects on multipath channel model at test range

      Sung-hoon, Jang; Sung-hee, Han; Heung-bum, Kim; Agency for Defense Development (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2001-10)
      Telemetry propagation channel is modeled to predict PCM/FM telemetry receiving signal level at APG(Anheung Proving Ground), ADD(Agency for Defense Development). Channel model is composed of direct wave and reflected wave in sea surface, so-called 2-ray model. Our 2-ray model includes transmitting antenna radiation pattern, auto-tracking antenna radiation pattern, sea surface reflection coefficient and phase depending on incident angle. Vertical and horizontal polarized receiving signal strength is obtained from pre-calculated flight trajectory of transmitter. Calculated results are compared with measured data in real flight test. 2-ray channel model can predict almost identical receiving signal level and calculate starting point of multi-path fading effect. Using these results, receiving system can be moved to more proper position before flight test.