• Does a Spinning Missile Cause Tracking Error at C-Band?

      Rice, Michael; Karchner, Darren; Brigham Young University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2013-10)
      The amplitude fluctuation induced by the spinning missile acts as a disturbance on conscan. In addition, if a tracking system converts from S-band to C-band, the beamwidth is narrower and the wrap-around antenna on the missile requires more patches, and so the margin of error for tracking decreases. Tracking performance is simulated with a spinning missile with ballistic and fly-by trajectories while running at C-band. The spinning missile causes a periodic component in the pointing error, and when the conscan frequency is an integer multiple of the roll rate, conscan may lose track of the target. Remedial techniques are discussed, including increasing the conscan frequency and using monopulse tracking rather than conscan.