• Telemetry and Command Link for University Mars Rover Vehicle

      Kosbar, Kurt; Hobbs, Jed; Meye, Mellissa; Trapp, Brad; Ronimous, Stefan; Ayerra, Irati; Missouri University of Science and Technology (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2013-10)
      This paper describes a telemetry and command communication link used as part of a rover entered in the University Mars Rover competition. The link is capable of transmitting multiple real time video streams, along with other telemetry data from a rover to a base station approximately one kilometer away, under non-line-of-sight conditions. Low data rate commands are sent to the rover, to control its movement. To simulate conditions on Mars, the link cannot use existing cellular or satellite communication infrastructure. The data link uses the 70 cm Amateur Radio band for transmission in both directions.