• Collar-Integrated Small Mammal GPS Tracker

      Marcellin, Michael; Melde, Kathleen; Kundu, Ina; Rice, Sean; Klug, Kevin; Chen, Hao; Marquez, Elizabeth; Zhong, Yizhou; University of Arizona (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2013-10)
      A position beaconing system for tracking small mammals, such as the Golden Lion Tamarin, was developed and tested. GPS acquires location of the animal. The system utilizes a VHF radio transmitter tuned to 144.390 MHz, which is located in the amateur radio band. APRS was selected as the protocol for position, transmission, and recovery. This allows users to benefit from any existing APRS enabled devices. The beacon was designed by attempting to optimize operational longevity and minimize size. Consequently, the system is implemented on a single board and enclosed for protection. As the system must be comfortable for the mammal, it was manufactured from lightweight components and enclosed in a plastic housing. To attach the case to the mammal, it is connected to a flexible, zig-zag, wearable antenna, which functions as a collar.