• Fast On-Board Tracking System for External Stores Separation

      Leite, Nelson Paiva Oliveira; Guarino de Vasconcelos, Luiz Eduardo; Kusomoto, André Yoshimi; Instituto de Pesquisas e Ensaios em Voo (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2013-10)
      External stores separation campaign is very risky therefore its preparation presents a big technical challenge for the instrumentation group. Determination of store trajectory requires the integration of two hi-speed hi-resolution video cameras into FTI. Link bandwidth precludes the development of a real-time application to be used at the Ground Telemetry System (GTS) for separation validation. To improve efficiency IPEV, with FINEP funding, is developing a system where the separation trajectory is computed on-board and in real-time. Computed parameters are merged into FTI to be processed into GTS and compared to the estimated trajectory. The proposed architecture is presented and discussed.