• Antenna Tracking and Command Destruct Capabilities Based on Angular Velocity and Acceleration

      Altan, Hal; Honeywell International (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2009-10)
      Most range safety telemetry tracking systems have antenna designs that feature an S-band (2200-2400 MHz) Telemetry Tracking and UHF-Band (400-450 MHz) Command Destruct feed along side an omni-directional antenna. The antennas must have, by design, high angular velocity (w) and acceleration (α) parameters to achieve these tasks. Generally, these parameters are user configurable through software and monitored through BIT (Built In Test) log files. The parameters are nominally set to their maximum values (ie. w=10 deg/sec and α = 15 deg/sec².) Considering the dynamics of a sample satellite launch vs. the ground tracking and omni antennas' combined capabilities, this document analyzes whether the target will stay within the beam.