• Upgrade of RCB Receivers for C-Band Reception

      Hamilton, Terry; L-3 Communications Telemetry East; Global Network Solutions (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2009-10)
      Existing telemetry ground receivers typically operate in a bandwidth between 215MHz to 2485MHz, while the new C-Band covers 4.4GHz to 5.15GHz. Additionally, some installations are choosing to incorporate down converters in the antenna as an alternate approach. This paper describes an innovative approach to solving all of these problems, by enhancing the capabilities of existing range assets. The plan is to upgrade existing fielded receivers without impacting their existing functionality to also include C-Band reception. The upgrade module along with the software revision will provide the user with a fully functional receiver in the existing bands and the newly added bands. This will be accomplished by the development of an advanced down converter sections with coverage across all bands that will replace existing modules within the telemetry receivers. It is the details of this development that will be presented.