• A Telemetry System for Firefighters

      Marcellin, Michael; Melde, Kathleen; Uprety, Sandip; Caglio, Joseph; Ho, Michelle; Chio, Chi Hou; Mckeefery, Stephanie; Goh, Jae Hyok; University of Arizona (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2009-10)
      In this project, a telemetry system is implemented to save firefighters from potential danger in their working environment. Each Firefighter has a "node" or "unit" attached to them which contains temperature, oxygen, and carbon-monoxide sensors, and a transceiver. Each node constantly transmits data collected by the sensors to a central "base station." The base station consists of a laptop which is monitored by the Fire Chief at a safe distance from the scene, and it displays gas levels. The base station monitors the sensor readings, and sets off an alarm locally and also at the node if a reading has reached a predetermined critical value.