• Direct Spatial Antenna Modulation for Phased-Array Applications

      Uhl, Brecken; Invertix Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2009-10)
      New technologies are sought to meet the requirements of evolving telemetry capabilities such as new operating bands, increased test article and ground segment collaboration, and on-the-fly quality of service (QOS) management. Smart antennas may contribute to this evolution by directing signal energy where and when it is needed. Direct spatial antenna modulation (DSAM) represents a new approach to cost-effective smart antennas potentially offering benefits such as post-amplifier modulation, polarization reconfigurability, phase-shifterless phased arrays, oscillator-less frequency conversion, and pre-receiver processing gain. The basic DSAM approach has recently been proven through analysis, simulation, and prototyping, with significant implications for future capabilities.