• Telemetry Recorders and Disruptive Technologies

      Kortick, David; Astro-Med, Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2009-10)
      Telemetry data recorders are not immune to the effects that a number of disruptive technologies have had on the telemetry industry. Data recorder designs today make use of data buses, storage types and graphical user interfaces that are constantly evolving based on the advances of personal computer and consumer electronics technologies. Many of these recorders use embedded designs that integrate disruptive technologies such as PCI Express for realtime data and signal processing, SATA interfaces for data storage and touchscreen technologies to provide an intuitive operator interface. Solid state drives also play a larger role in the latest recorder designs. This paper will explore the effects of these technologies on the latest telemetry recorders in terms of the benefits to the users, cost of implementation, obsolescence management, and integration considerations. The implications of early adoption of disruptive technologies will also be reviewed.