• Augmenting Serial Streaming Telemetry with iNET Data Delivery

      Reinwald, Carl; CSC (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2009-10)
      Incorporating network-based telemetry components into a flight test article creates new types of network-based data flows between a test article and a telemetry ground station. The emerging integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) Standard defines new, network-based data delivery protocols which can produce various network data flows. Augmenting existing Serial Streaming Telemetry (SST) data flows with these network-based data flows is crucial to enhancing current flight test capabilities. This paper briefly introduces the network protocols referenced in the iNET Standard and then identifies the various data flows generated by network-based components which comply with the iNET Standard. Several combinations of SST and TmNS data flows are presented and the enhanced telemetry capabilities provided by each combination are identified. Identifying time intervals of unused telemetry network bandwidth explicitly for reallocation to other test articles is also addressed.