• IP Protocols in Telemetry Systems

      Weaver, Robert Jr.; Snyder, Ed; Apogee Labs, Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2006-10)
      This paper is intended to provide background into networking and IP protocols for non-IT personnel. It is not a study of networking and related protocols, as each of these topics would require a much longer period of time to explain. Addressed are considerations that should be required prior to locking a network design into a specific architecture. The systems available today, for the same cost as a good home PC, are becoming capable of performing critical tasks. It is highly recommended that the personnel who know the most about the data and how it will be used communicate with the personnel that know the network. Failing to explain or understand the networking nomenclature causes considerable wasted time and money. This paper is intended to encourage communications between the data creators and the data movers. We also want to demonstrate how new systems, hardware and software, designed to work with existing network devices used in non–telemetry applications, can make implementing IP in telemetry networks easier.